Business-supermarket (COIP)
regional development Institute, activities which aims to improve investment
regional climate, support and development of small and medium-sized
businesses, implementation of social and commercial project.
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Business-supermarket (COIP)
Tasks of the Business-supermarket
creation of the most comfortable and investment-attractive conditions for doing business for both local and foreign companies in Shymkent
stimulation of social and economic development of the city
providing local business, individual and start-up entrepreneurs, potential and current investors with the necessary information and analytical base and consulting support
support of local business through the implementation of state development programs and subsidies
ensuring synergy of local business with foreign investors
increase trust of local and foreign business to local Executive authorities and managing Corporation which is responsible for support and development of business initiatives in the city, in the face of society
providing the population of the city with food security
Tasks of the Business-supermarket