Agro-industrial zone of the city of Shymkent

Goal of the project:
Аграрно-индустриальная зона создается в целях оказания государственной поддержки частному предпринимательству и предназначена для обеспечения пояса продовольственной безопасности города Шымкент

According to the concept, 80 hectares of intensive gardens, 205 hectares of berry-beds, 200 hectares of a nursery of fruit seedlings, 100 hectares of melons and gourds and up to 30 processing facilities for processing agricultural products of the region are planned to be placed in this zone.

Cost of the project: 150 000 000 tg.

Responsible person:

Manager of the Department of Management of Development Subsidiaries

Alibaev Alimzhan Akkairovich

Tel.: 8 /7252/ 390 660

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