Affiliate organizations of "SEC "Shymkent" JSC


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Branch of «Shymkent» Social-entrepreneurial corporation» JSC in the city of Shymkent

Company - to manage industrial zones (Ontustik, Tassai, Zhuldyz), agro-industrial zones and transport and logistics centers of Shymkent city. The main activity of the company will be the provision of public utilities to it's residents:

- Power transmission;

- Power distribution;

- Collection, treatment and distribution of water;

- Sewerage system;

- Electrical and installation work.


Kainar b/c, 126/1 Baidybek bi str., Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan

Talgat Kasymbekov

+7 (7252) 392 022


«Ontustik» Special economic zone

The main activities are:
- Attraction of participants of the SEZ;
- Attraction of investments for the implementation of industrial
innovative projects in the SEZ;
- Carrying out activities for the development and promotion of the SEZ;
- The provision of utilities, logistics and
service at the SEZ.


Sungat Abdullayev

7 (777) 33 14 333
7 (7252) 92-11-01


Shymkent parking

Creation, operation and management of a paid parking space of the Shymkent city is implemented for unloading the road network of the city and creating comfortable conditions for the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.
The main objectives of the project:
reducing the number of parking violations on the road network;
increasing the speed of all types of vehicles in paid parking areas.


Kainar b/c, 126/5 Baidybek bi str., Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan

Murat Abdulmenov

+7 (7252) 392 022

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