Meeting of the party control Commission at the Shymkent city branch of the Nur Otan party"

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Today, a meeting of the Party control Commission at the Shymkent city branch of the Nur Otan party was held, at which the issues of salary delay of the management Company Shymkent BUS LLP were considered.

The meeting chaired by D. Kozhamzharova was attended by members of the Commission, deputies of the city maslikhat, Chairman Of the Association "Ontustikavtotrans" D. Kayupov, head of the Department of passenger transport and roads A. Turkhanov, Chairman of the Board of JSC " SEC "Shymkent" N. Omirserikuly and Director of the criminal code "Shymkent BUS" E. Tokbergenov.

During the meeting, the problematic issues of the company serving 12 city routes, most of which are currently unprofitable, were voiced. The main reason for the formation of debt is the low load on the dedicated routes, which leads to a decrease in revenue.

At the moment, the salary arrears for October 2019 were repaid at the expense of "Shymkent BUS"LLP.

To cover cash gaps LLP "Shymkent BUS" in the next 6 months, JSC "SEC" Shymkent " opened a credit line in the amount of 190 million tenge.

Also, to ensure smooth operation and timely payment of wages in 2020 and beyond, SEC "Shymkent" initiated the issue of providing subsidies to socially important routes, which will cover the current costs of passenger transportation.