Results of our work
Shymkent Business School Y17

JSC " SEC "Shymkent" together with the University of Silkway and the company "UX Group" opened a business school in Shymkent on February 6, 2019.

Unlocking the potential of young people through the acquisition of unique knowledge in the field of business.

Completed training: 15 listeners -students

Зарегистрировались (открыли компанию)

Registered (opened the company)

8 - as an IE

1 - as a LLP

Инвестиций привлечено

Investments attracted

1 - project (in the amount of 1 200 000 tenge)

Заработано слушателями

Earned by listeners

345 000 tenge

Трудоустройство слушателей

Employment of listeners

1 - employed by the partners of the business school (LLP “Shymkent Parking”)