1% concessional lending

1% preferential lending
for entrepreneurs of Shymkent

On March 13, 2019, a decision was made to implement the Special Plan for the Development of Women's and Youth Entrepreneurship in Shymkent
"Men kasipken bolamyn!" for 2019-2021 by the Decision of the Akim of the city of Shymkent No. 13 (Hereinafter-the Special Plan).

According to the Rules for 1% concessional lending, the bank issues loans at 8.5%, JSC "SPK "Shymkent"
subsidizes the interest rate by 7.5% and, accordingly, the entrepreneur pays 1.0%.

In December 2019, the Rules for preferential 1% lending of a Special Plan were updated, in part:
- increase in the maximum amount from 5 million tenge to 10 million tenge,
- for young people, the increase in the registration period of an individual entrepreneur or legal entity from one year to three years,
- removal of restrictions on the industry purpose of the business.

These changes in the Special Plan were made by the Order of the Akim of the city of Shymkent № 39 of 06.04.2020.

  • Intended use: Investments and replenishment of working capital.
  • Business entities (sole proprietors/LLPs) registered in Shymkent.
  • Young entrepreneurs from 21 to 29 years old the term of state registration is not more than 3 years.
  • A woman entrepreneur is up to 58 years old, the term of state registration is unlimited.
  • Collateral lending.

Mechanism for providing 1%
Preferential loans for entrepreneurs in Shymkent


An entrepreneur applies to the SPK's Front Office for a referral

Front Office SPK

An entrepreneur with a direction of the SPK Front Office applies to the Bank


The bank decides on the possibility of providing a micro-loan, then the documents are sent to the operator

SPK «Shymkent»

SPK "Shymkent" sends the participant's documents to the RCC for making a decision on subsidizing the micro-loan


The RCC makes a decision on the provision of subsidies


A subsidy agreement is concluded between the entrepreneur, the Bank and the SPK with subsequent Monitoring of the project Implementation

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