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11 133 entrepreneurs applied for 2020.

Pursuant to paragraph 10 of article 246 of the Entrepreneurial code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 13, 2019 No. 585 "On approval of the Rules of the organization "one window" for investors, as well as the procedure for cooperation in investment," the instructions of the President of Kazakhstan of January 24, 2020 (until July 1, 2020 are required to launch the service, "Government for business"), and resolution of the Akimat of Shymkent city, September 20, 2019 №706 "On the determination of regional organizations in the field of attracting investments», In order to improve the investment climate of the city of Shymkent by improving the efficiency of attracting, supporting and providing public and other services to investors at the regional level, in May 2020, the Front Office for Supporting Investors and Entrepreneurs "SHYMKENT INVEST" was established on the basis of "JSC" "Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation "Shymkent".

The purpose of the project:

Providing services to investors and entrepreneurs in Shymkent

  • The single window principle
  • Improving the investment climate
  • Improving the efficiency of attracting and supporting investors projects
  • The reduction of administrative barriers
  • The provision of services for entrepreneurs


JSC SPK "Shymkent"

  • Investors and investment projects;
  • 1% on concessional lending;
  • By retail outlets for street trading;
  • Marketing services;

Chamber of Entrepreneurs:

  • Advising on government programs;
  • Support of the projects to receive funding;
  • Accounting support and tax accounting;
  • Legal services, business protection;
  • Writing a business plan;
  • Teaching the basics of entrepreneurship;


  • The guarantee of collateral;
  • Subsidizing the interest rate of loans;

UPIIR, USKH, UZO, UAiG, DGD, Migration:

  • Consulting on public services;


  • Provision of electronic government and other services;

Kazpost JSC:

  • Cash register and post office services;
  • Training of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

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