СПК «Шымкент» поддержал жителей дома на карантине

Оказавшихся в трудной ситуации земляков решил поддержать коллектив АО «СПК «Шымкент». В первый день Оразы они закупили продукты первой необходимости в торговом центре и привезли во двор.

The collective of the SEC "Shymkent" brought a hot lunch to the checkpoints

The group, which includes employees of the police department, as well as the military, brought food. With hot pilaf and salad, they decided to thank the police and military...

SEZ will appear in the construction area of Shymkent

It is assumed that the status of the FEZ will become an attractive factor for investors and will accelerate the process of returning the...

"In Shymkent, they were fined for improper parking"

After the announcement of JSC "SEC" Shymkent " about the project to install smart parking, comments began to arrive about...

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