Agro-industrial zone “Shymkent”

Agro-industrial zone «Shymkent»

By the decree of the Akimat of the city of Shymkent dated March 5, 2019, a land plot with an area of 136.29 hectares was allocated for No. 185. To date, 8 projects have been attracted for a total of 9.6 billion tenge, where it is planned to create 393 jobs

The purpose of the project:

Creation of a greenhouse economy and cultivation of various types of agricultural crops on the territory of the agro-industrial zone

The need for fresh and high-quality products is experienced by both retail chains and public catering establishments. A constantly functioning greenhouse farm will allow you to earn income all year round. Profitability is high, payback is fast, profitability is good, and this is not all the advantages that greenhouse farming gives.

The project is planned to be implemented in two stages:

I-stage A contract for the development of a POI (infrastructure of 5.6 hectares) was signed and investors were attracted (2020-2021) 40.1 ha
II-stage of the POI (infrastructure) development by the Department of Energy and Utilities of Shymkent (2021-2022) 96.19 ha

Investment portfolio of the Agro-industrial zone

  • 136,29
  • Total area
  • 9,6
  • Private investment
    (billion tenge)
  • 8
  • Total number of projects
  • 393
  • Planned jobs
How to become a member
  • 1. Get the list of required documents from the branch of JSC "SPK "Skymkent».
  • 2. Provide a package of necessary documents to the consenting person in the branch of JSC "SPK "Shymkent".
  • 3. The branch of JSC "SPK" Shymkent "sends a package of necessary documents to the Department of Entrepreneurship of the Industrial and Innovative Development of the city of Shymkent, for consideration by the Regional Coordinating Council "Business Shymkent".
  • 4. Protect the investment project at the Meeting of the Regional Coordination Council
  • 5. To sign an investment contract with JSC "SPK "Shymkent».
  • 6. Sign a land use (lease) agreement for a land plot owned by JSC "SPK" Shymkent" located on the territory of the agro-industrial zone.
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