Transport and logistics center “Ontustik”

Transport and Logistics Center «Ontustik»

In 2015, a trade and logistics center with a total area of 92 hectares was established in the city of Shymkent. The total number of projects implemented in the trade and logistics center is 6 projects with a total cost of 31.8 billion tenge, with the creation of 235 jobs.

A Customs Clearance Center has been opened on the territory of the trade and logistics center in order to ensure the efficiency of business activities.

Investment portfolio of the Trade and Logistics Center

  • 92
  • Total area
  • 1,7
  • Budget investments
    (billion tenge)
  • 32,9
  • Private investment
    (billion tenge)
  • 6
  • Total number of projects
  • 235
  • Jobs created
  • 2
  • Current projects
For the allocated 1.7 billion. tenge the following infrastructure facilities are built:

  • Road 4 km

  • Electricity supply 1,2 km

  • Water supply 6,6 km

  • Gas supply 4,7 km