103 niche projects

The areas of activity of investment projects are selected from the List of priority activities for the implementation of investment projects, Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 14, 2016 №13.

In total, the List includes 360 types of activities. The selection took into account the economic feasibility of the project for the city of Shymkent, the world experience and the experience of development in the regions.

List of priority areas Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 14, 2016 № 13.

A total of 103 investment projects in target niches for a total amount of 658,867 million tenge. The total number of jobs in the planned investment projects: 11,984.


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  • Niche projects

Under development investment projects

1. In the food industry
-15 projects totaling 39760 million tenge.

1.1. Production of bakery products (including social bread);
1.2. The production of baby food;
1.3. Production of semi-finished meat products and finished meat products;
1.4. Production of dairy products;
1.5. Processing, including canning of fruits and vegetables;
1.6. Production of milk powder and cream;
1.7. Sugar production (including sugar beet cultivation);
1.8. Packaging, packaging, labeling of bulk food products;
1.9. Production of modified pectin;
1.10. Production of meat delicacies;
1.11. Production of breakfast cereals (muesli);
1.12. Hot food plant for organizations;
1.13. Production of sauces and condiments;
1.14. Food production laboratory;
1.15. Production of sports and medical nutrition with biologically active additives.

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2. In agriculture – 2 projects for a total amount of 2100 million tenge.

2.1. Intensive gardening;
2.2. Production of hazelnut

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3. In Aquaculture-2 projects totaling 3,700 million tenge.

3.1. Shrimp production;
3.2. Fisheries with the installation of closed water supply for tilapia production.

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4. In Mechanical engineering – 15 projects totaling 59,145 million tenge.

4.1. Production and assembly of equipment for the production and processing of food, beverages and tobacco products;
4.2. Production of refrigeration and ventilation equipment;
4.3. Manufacture of bicycles and invalid carriages;
4.4. Manufacture of radiators, central heating boilers and steam boilers;
4.5. Production of automobile spare parts and accessories;
4.6. Production of AC/DC electric motors;
4.7. Production of pumps (air and vacuum);
4.8. Production of innovative mobile plants for the collection of solid waste and processing of organic waste;
4.9. Universal industrial workshop;
4.10. Production of mechanisms for everyday life and farming;
4.11. Production of mass-demand exoskeletons;
4.12. Production of auxiliary household, special and construction devices and structures (ladders, supports, workbenches, etc.);
4.13. Production of metal products of mass demand (locks, hinges and hinges, etc.);
4.14. Production of metal containers and barrels for petroleum products;
4.15. The production of containers made of stainless steel.

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5. Textiles and clothing industry – 7 projects worth 25,870 million tenge.

5.1. Manufacture of underwear;
5.2. Production of fabric from natural fibers;
5.3. Production of men's shirts, shawls and ties;
5.4. Wool harvesting and processing;
5.5. Production of hosiery products;
5.6. Production of hats;
5.7. Production of sewing accessories.

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6. In light industry – 6 projects for 13,730 million tenge.

6.1. Production of luggage bags, handbags, saddlery and harness;
6.2. Manufacture of umbrellas, tents and special tents, prefabricated;
6.3. Production of shaving devices;
6.4. Production of office supplies;
6.5. Souvenir and toy factory;
6.6. Production of kitchen utensils made of corrosion-resistant metals.

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7. Pulp and paper industry – 3 projects for 5550 million tenge.

7.1. Manufacture of paper and paperboard;
7.2. Production of pulp and paper, combined and synthetic napkins in a wide range;
7.3. Production of baby diapers and feminine hygiene products.

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8. In the chemical industry – 6 projects for 17,100 million tenge.

8.1. Production of dyes and pigments;
8.2. Production of glue for the light and food industry;
8.3. Production of antiseptic and sanitary liquids of wide application;
8.4. The production of oxygen for industrial and medical institutions;
8.5. Production of detergents and soaps;
8.6. Production of batteries and accumulators;
8.7. Fertilizer production;
8.9. Production of calcium carbide.

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9. In the packaging industry-1 project for 6200 million tenge.

9.1. Production of packaging materials and packages (cardboard and paper, plastic, composite and other types of packaging).

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10. In the rubber industry-1 project for 7600 million tenge.

10.1. Production of rubber products.

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11. In the electronics industry – 2 projects for 8,700 million tenge.

11.1. Production of electronic parts and circuit boards;
11.2. Production of household appliances.

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12. In the footwear and leather industry – 3 projects for 4320 million tenge.

12.1. Manufacture of orthopedic shoes and insoles;
12.2. Manufacture of footwear;
12.3. Tanning and dressing of leather, dressing and dyeing of fur.

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13. In the production of construction materials – 8 projects for 18170 million tenge.

13.1. Production of refractory and insulating building materials;
13.2. Production of bricks and tiles;
13.3. Production of ceramic sanitary ware;
13.4. Production of concrete construction products;
13.5. Production of energy-saving building facing materials;
13.6. Production of shut-off valves;
13.7. Recycling of broken glass;
13.8. Production of metal mesh (welded, chain link, braided, twisted).

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14. In the energy sector-1 project for 2000 million tenge.

14.1. The production of electricity.

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15. In the feed industry – 1 project for 4,700 million tenge.

15.1. The highly productive manufacturing of feed additives on the basis of innovative technologies.

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16. In the field of education-2 projects for 2462 million tenge.

16.1. Secondary school;
16.2. Educational and entertainment online media library.

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17. In the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals – 3 projects for 28,500 million tenge.

17.1. Polyclinic for public health services;
17.2. A narrow-profile medical clinic for the treatment of kidneys and bladder.
17.3. The manufacturing of medicinal products of mass demand and necessities.

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18. In the medical device industry-3 projects for 9950 million tenge.

18.1. Production of materials for air and gas filters;
18.2. Medical devices;
18.3. Production of medical masks.

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19. In the perfume and cosmetics industry-1 project for 1260 million tenge.

19.1. Production of natural cosmetics.

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20. In the glass industry – 3 projects for 5600 million tenge.

20.1. Production of ceramic and glass tableware;
20.2. Production of quartz sand products and processing of quartz sand;
20.3. Production of ceramic and glass electrical insulators and insulating fittings.

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21. In the field of information and communication technologies – 2 projects for 6600 million tenge.

21.1. Universal financial and trading system;
21.2. Specialized Data center of the city of Shymkent.

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In the service sector (tourism, sports and entertainment) - 7 projects worth 28650 million tenge.

22.1. Provision of services by hotels and places for temporary residence;
22.2. Roadside service centers;
22.3. Go-kart club with a go-kart track and a go-kart school;
22.4. School of football according to UEFA standards;
22.5. Tourist recreational recreation and entertainment area;
22.6. Shymkent motor racing Track;
22.7. Shooting club.

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23. In the field of cinema – 1 project for 5000 million tenge.

23.1. Film production workshop-studio.

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24. In the furniture industry-4 projects for 7700 million tenge.

24.1. Production of office chairs;
24.2. Production of office and studio furniture;
24.3. Production of furniture accessories;
24.4. Production of orthopedic mattresses.

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