Construction of a school

Информация о проекте

Проект: Construction of a 1,500-seat school in the administrative and business center of MKR. Nursat Shymkent
Отрасль: Education
Сроки проекта: 2020-2022 y.
Инициатор: LLP «South Aluplast»
Место реализации: ADC
Площадь: 2,8 ha
Текущее состояние: At the stage of concluding a Joint Activity Agreement
Планируемые инвестиции: {:ru}3 000 млн. тенге{:}{:kz}3 000 млн. теңге{:}{:en}3,000 million. tenge{:}
Создание рабочих мест: Being worked out
Ожидаемый результат: Design capacity: 1500 training places Building area-8,010. 3 sq. m Landscaping area-6,293. 05 sq. m Parking area-1000 sq. m Number of parking spaces-120 pcs.

Цель проекта

Providing access to residents of nearby neighborhoods in an educational institution within walking distance