SEZ «Ontustik»

Special economic
zone «Ontustik»

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The special economic zone "Ontustik" was created by the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 6, 2005, No. 1605 in order to accelerate the development of the region to enhance the occurrence of the economy in the global economic system, creating a high-performance, high-tech and competitive industries, production of new products, investment, improvement of the legal norms of market relations, the introduction of modern management methods and management, as well as the solution of social problems.

Priority activities

• Manufacture of made-up textile articles, except apparel;
• Manufacture of other knitted and crocheted apparel;
• Manufacture of wearing apparel, except fur apparel and leather;
• Spinning, weaving and finishing production;
• The production of non-woven articles, except apparel;
• Manufacture of carpets and carpet products;
• Wood pulp and pulp production;
• Manufacture of paper and paperboard;
• Manufacture of leather products, with the exception of tanning and tanning of leather, dressing and dyeing of fur;
• Production of stationery products;
• Construction and commissioning of facilities intended directly for the implementation of priority activities, within the design and estimate documentation;

Priority activities

• Производство кокса и продуктов нефтепереработки;
• Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products;
• Cast iron casting;
• Casting of steel;
• Production of building metal structures and their parts (used for the production of block-modular solutions "turnkey");
• Wood pulp and pulp production;
• Production of other metal tanks, tanks and containers (used for the production of turnkey modular solutions");
• Basic technological processes of mechanical engineering;
• Production of electric motors, generators and transformers;
• Production of electrical distribution and control equipment (used for the manufacture of turnkey modular solutions or supplied complete with pumps and compressors);
• Manufacture of other pumps and compressors;

  • Vat on products traded in the SEZ
  • Corporate income tax
  • Property tax
  • Land tax

Advantages SEZ «Ontustik»

Proximity to
raw materials bases

Free land plot rental

Ready-made infrastructure

Investment preferences

Support of residents

The competence centre of light industry



- Free land plot

- Ready-made infrastructure

- Benefits and preferences of SEZ


- Land tax
- Corporate Income Tax
- Property tax
- Customs duties
- Value added tax on imported raw materials and equipment


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