City development development

This is the most basic working tool used within the framework of the “Hearing State " concept, which we use when implementing any project being developed for the development of the city. Working with citizens, we implement what they need, why they need it and how to work in this direction.

Work with the population (Questionnaires-results)

A survey of residents was conducted at the following addresses:

1. "Otbasy Alleya"

90% - to build heat in the main pipe freely for campers;
80% - lighting;
70% - benches;
65% - close the ditches with a grid;
60% - cultural recreation area;
60% - plant more flowers, the installation of benches;
55% - children's / children's playground;
35 % - ice cream and beverage sales pavilion;
30% - Public toilets;
20% - a place for walking animals.

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2. Park in 12 district (Valihanova, 225)

95% walking paths;
95% lighting;
80% place for a picnic;
60% exercise machines;
60% children's playground;
50% treadmill;
50% recreation area (benches);
45% playground for ball games;
27% bike path;
35% workout area;
30% children's sports ground;
30% platform for educational and methodological work;
30% a place for walking animals;

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3. District "Sever"

66% recreation area;
60,3% walking paths;
56,6% lighting;
49% children's sports ground;
45,2% a place for walking animals;
41,5% exercise machines;
41,5% bike path;
39,6% stage for events;
37,7% public toilets;
35,8% playground for ball games;
33,9% treadmill;
32% bike, roller, ski rental services;
32% place for a picnic;
30,1% children's sports ground;
26,4% platform for educational and methodological work;
22,6% workout area;
15% public catering facilities.

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4. District "Nursat", houses №217, 218

As a result the analysis showed that the number of residents noted necessary:
80,4% lighting;
69,7% recreation area (benches);
55,4% a walking track;
32,2% exercise machines;
32,2% children's playground;
25% treadmill;
23,3% place for a picnic;
17,9% playground for ball games;
16,1% public toilets;

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When implementing a project aimed at the development of a particular urban area of the city, the first thing we should do is to explore this area. During the research work, for the implementation of this project, we conduct a survey among residents to find out the opinions of the population.

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